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Faculty Statement on Our Identity
We, the faculty at Paul Smith’s College, strive to preserve an exceptional way of teaching and learning informed by the real work of humanity—to be environmentally and socially responsible stewards of the planet and its people. Our way crosses all disciplines, explores connections, and expresses itself confidently in thoughts, words, and deeds. At the core of our experiential education, we hold these values to be indispensable:

a) a deepened engagement with our students, it is real and in place;
b) an integrated education that cultivates the student as a whole being in mind, body, heart, and soul; and
c) the history, culture and environment of the Adirondacks as a place that speaks to our deeper sense of self and purpose.

We strive to preserve our way and our values to be a universal example that connections of people with people and of people with environments is at the heart of education.

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